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  • Uncertain how to progress your career?
  • Unsure how to improve your CV?
  • Do you need to shine at interview?

Read the career guides below, and get your career on the right track.

Job Interview Guide

So you have got yourself a job interview to prepare for? Congratulations! That means you are almost there. Now you're starting to worry about the interview? We can help. This guide will take you through the whole interview scenario, and give lots of hints and techniques to help you pass the final test and get that great job.

In fact, did you know that more than four out of five of interviewees do little or no preparation before an interview? That's good news for you, because you are increasing your chances of success by reading our Job Interview Guide.

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Self Evaluation Guide

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses will help enormously in your career, and also to grow in your personal life. It will enable you to work on your weaknesses, to highlight your strengths at interview, and give you an insight into how others see you and interact with you. You also need tools to deal with the information, and organise yourself for success.

This guide will help you evaluate yourself, and assist you in understanding the results, so you are in the best position for career success.

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Guide to Updating Your CV

A well designed CV will improve your chances of getting your ideal job. A badly designed CV will mean you will struggle to get interviews, and less qualified people will be invited to interviews instead of you. Your CV is in many cases your only chance to present yourself. You need to get it right. Let us help you to improve your CV, and avoid obvious mistakes.

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